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3 reasons why nutrition is a winning solution in the workplace

February 22, 2022

Eating healthy isn’t always easy in the workplace even though there’s a lot of help there to do it. But a healthy diet really can make a difference for employees both in their personal and professional lives. That means there are benefits for employers too.

Here are three reasons companies should think seriously about helping employees with their nutritional needs.

1 – Fewer sick days

Proper nutrition can improve immune systems and lead to fewer sick days. Specific foods are great ways to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Those foods include berries, tomatoes, celery, and foods containing omega-3’s like salmon, chia seeds, and walnuts.

Boosting your immune system is critical and top-of-mind, thanks to the pandemic. Citrus fruits, root vegetables, and greens are some of the foods recommended for the immune system. Probiotics, yogurt, and kombucha are good to boost an immune system with fermented foods.

2 – More energy

When working under time pressures like deadlines, it can be easy to eat the wrong foods. Donuts, pizza, and burgers might taste great, but those foods are not the best options to eat if you’re looking for a constant energy source throughout the day.

Nutritional experts recommend foods like steel-cut oatmeal, seasonal fruits, and water to drink to help you fill up and have the energy to get through your busiest days without crashing.

3 – More clarity

Employees have such complicated jobs now that it can be hard to get mental clarity for many projects, especially if they are not eating correctly. Several foods are linked to better mental clarity, including fatty fish, green veggies, tea and coffee, walnuts, and berries.

Help employees improve nutrition

You can help your employees improve their nutrition and job performance with Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant. Ticket Restaurant is a meal allowance program that gives employees the option to select food from restaurants, delivery apps, and grocery stores. At the same time, your business has complete control over the program.

Make nutrition a winning solution in your company. Schedule a meeting today to learn more about Ticket Restaurant.

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