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5 Benefits You Should Negotiate for Your Next Job

October 11, 2018

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of books written on negotiation. You can read them all, and when it comes time to do it, it’s still not easy.
If you are moving into a new job, though, it’s the right time to summon the courage and ask for more than what’s in your initial offer.
Salary is the first thing we think of when we negotiate. Experts say salary should be about 70 percent of your total compensation. However, it’s not everything. That other 30 percent — your benefits — are important too. There’s room to negotiate benefits, though not everyone does it. If you are successful, there are ways you can earn or save even more money on top of your salary.
Here are 5 benefits experts say you can try to negotiate when getting a new job.

Flexible working hours/Remote work

Do you have to take care of a child or an adult? Maybe you are not a morning person. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have to work the standard office hours if your new employer agrees. The same goes for remote working opportunities. Many businesses are now allowing employees to work at least part of the week remotely.

Commuter Benefits

Does your new office not allow employees to set aside pay tax-free for commuting costs? Now is the time to ask they start a program.

With commuter benefits you can save up to 40 percent in commuting costs for public transit or qualified parking. Your employer can save up to 7.65 percent in payroll taxes. The more people who enroll, the more your employer will save, so it’s worth it to ask.

Moving costs

Moving to a new city to take the job? You may be eligible for moving assistance. Your new employer may have a budget for it. If not, give it a try as it could save you potentially thousands of dollars,

Health and wellness

Not every employer has bought into fitness, but that doesn’t mean yours won’t. If they do not offer a gym membership or discount, or other health-related perks, don’t be afraid to ask for one.

Severance pay

What? Ask for severance when you start a job? Everything always seems great at the beginning, but there are countless stories of things not working out. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little security if you are let go assuming you did nothing to deserve it.
Intrigued by how much commuter benefits can save you on your commute each here. Check out our commuter benefits calculator.
If you want to learn more about commuter benefits, download the 101 Guide below:

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