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How commuter benefits can help shape a more sustainable future

May 03, 2023

Sustainability is a word we hear a lot lately, but it’s not new. However, how we look at our approaches to creating a more sustainable future is new. It will take a lot of small changes and strategies to make the planet a better place to live and work.

One of the most common things we think of when we talk about sustainability is probably “going green”—in other words, becoming more environmentally aware and changing your behavior and lifestyle to reduce the amount of pollution and waste.

One less thought-of way to create a greener or more sustainable environment is through commuter benefits.

How? Let’s take a look.

The traffic jam

Traffic during the rush hour commute is more than just a headache for drivers. Slow-moving cars lead to a buildup of fumes, making red lights and traffic jams unhealthy and unsustainable.

Our highways are also becoming more congested. Finding ways to decrease the number of cars on the road is one of the best ways we can reduce the amount of pollution during commutes to and from work.

Walking, cycling, and even using public transportation are much wiser alternatives.

Benefits to the rescue

The easiest way to entice people to use alternative transportation methods to and from work is to incentivize it. Adding commuter benefits to your benefits package allows employees to use tax-free dollars on commuting costs

Commuter benefits are a win-win, helping to reduce traffic on the roads and letting your employees keep more of what they earn in their paychecks.

Biking to work

In addition to pre-tax transit and parking benefits, you can also offer a biking benefit. Biking to work has excellent health benefits and comes with substantial financial savings to the user, who saves on gas, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

Although there are no tax benefits to employers who provide biking benefits, it remains a great way to encourage employees to bike. The biking benefit allows commuters to spend up to $20 monthly for equipment and repairs.


Micromobility is a method of travel that has rapidly grown in cities nationwide, proving to be a popular transportation option for many users. Many metro areas are exploring micromobility as an alternative mode for active transportation and short trips.

Micromobility options include:

  1. Renting a bike – It is an inexpensive way to ease mobility around town. This micromobility option is the greenest since it doesn’t require gas or emit harmful emissions.
  2. E-mopeds – They are powered by a rechargeable battery, meaning they have no emissions and will not require visits to a gas station to fill the tank. Also, most mopeds utilize energy-saving technology, allowing users to enjoy longer rides.
  3. E-scooters – They contribute about half the emissions of the average car, making it a good commuting option if you’re trying to go green.

How Edenred can help

Creating a sustainable future takes active participation from everyone in all aspects of our lives. Making as many green choices as possible will help make a difference, and at Edenred, we’re here to help. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss your options for going green for today and creating a more sustainable future.

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