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How to Improve Employee Engagement

May 17, 2019

If your company is like many today, you’re pursuing employee engagement principles in hopes of creating a better and high performing workforce.

But a survey by G2 Crowd, the peer-to-peer, business solutions review platforms, highlights what others before it have found: more work needs to be done.

While 66 percent of HR employees believe that employee engagement has increased over the past year, only 34 percent of non-HR employees feel more engaged than when the same survey was taken a year earlier.

And 57 percent of HR “strongly agree” that employee engagement initiatives will help their company retain productive staff. But only 19 percent of non-HR feel the same way, according to the survey.

The G2 survey echoes other surveys we’ve written about, including the Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, where only 16 percent of workers said they were actively disengaged.

Why you want highly engaged employee

High levels of employee engagement are useful for companies. Engaged employees are passionate about their jobs. They’ll be more productive and profitable in the workplace. And for the long term, they are more likely to be committed to your organization.

If you want a culture in your company where employees are committed to your goals, high employee engagement is a powerful way to get there.

How to increase engagement?

One of the key findings from the G2 Crowd report was 32 percent of the non-Human Resource employees surveyed believe that their companies do not drive employee engagement.

There are many ways to get there, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Some employee engagement strategies that have helped companies include:

  •   Perfecting the onboarding process
  •   Encourage your employees’ best strengths
  •   Promoting open communication
  •   Recognize all employee contributions
  •   Nurture your leaders and future leaders
  •   Make your office social and fun place
  •   Promote work-life balance
  •   Offer innovative benefits

Commuter benefits to help develop engagement

Commuter benefits allow your company to save while offering your employees a way to reduce the costs of their commutes. Your employees can save $265 per month, tax-free. They can use the money for public transit or qualified parking.

With commuter benefits companies save on payroll taxes. By offering commuter benefits, you can save up to $41 per month for each participating employee. If you have 50 employees participate for 12 months, you save more than $24,000 annually.

As the number of employees grows, so does the savings. If you build your program to 75 employees, that’s $36,000 in annual savings.

Do you want to learn more about commuter benefits? Download a 101 guide to understand the benefit and how to enhance your benefits package.

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