Edenred has teamed up with Halfords to deliver a commuter program in the UK. Halfords’ is a third party vendor that is not operated or controlled by Edenred.

The world of work is changing, let us lead the way

We’ve teamed up with Intuit, the global financial platform, to help more companies take positive steps to reduce their carbon emissions. 


In the UK, Halfords is the leading employee benefits and business solutions provider in bikes to support your employees’ green initiatives, health, and financial wellbeing. Cycle2Work is part of a government initiative that encourages more people to commute by bike, enabling people to make healthier choices and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Why choose Cycle2Work


Improves attendance and productivity

Promotes an environmentally friendly workplace

Engages and retains current employees while attracting new ones

Adds to company strategy for employee benefits

Zero cost, low admin and 13.8% national insurance savings

How it works

This scheme is run via salary sacrifice, allowing employees to make savings of up to 47% on the cost of a new bike and accessories. The employer also makes savings of 13.8% through National Insurance contributions.

Cycle2Work offers your business the widest choice of bike brands through more than 1,000 stores including both Halfords stores, local independent bike shops and Tredz on-line. You can choose from any of the 30+ brands available through Halfords stores including many specialist and exclusive ranges.

Join over 6,000 employers, getting over 100,000 people cycling

Employees save up to


on the cost of a new bike and safety accessories.

Employers save


through National Insurance contributions.

Environment saves up to


of CO2 per employee that signs up for Cycle2Work.

Scheme Protection

We understand that the biggest concern for employers when introducing a salary sacrifice or net deduction scheme is the financial risk of early leavers. Our scheme protection service protects employers against this risk, meaning if you’re unable to recover the outstanding balance following the early leaver process, Halfords will pick up the deficit, up to the value of £5,000 per employee. Giving you the added reassurance that you’ll never lose out.

The Intuit Climate Action Marketplace

The Intuit Climate Action Marketplace empowers small businesses to reduce their impact on the environment by selecting sustainable solutions. With one click, small businesses can take immediate action to replace high carbon-emission activities with more sustainable solutions across energy, travel, office supplies and other categories. Collectively, the choices made by millions of small businesses today can accelerate our global response to the climate crisis.

Intuit Climate Action Marketplace

Contact Details

To find out more about any of the services halfords offer visit halfords.com/business, or to register your company, simply register your interest below.

Edenred has teamed up with Halfords to deliver a commuter program in the UK. Halfords’ is a third party vendor that is not operated or controlled by Edenred. We encourage you to review all applicable terms and policies, including privacy policies, of all third party websites prior to using them.

Phone: 0345 504 6444
Email: cycle2.work@halfords.co.uk