Ed Fleischmann

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Ed is an entrepreneur with a strong track record of leading large organizations and startups to achieve innovation-driven growth and cross-cultural expert who excels in understanding and engaging people from a wide variety of cultures. He has international experience in leading organizations across North America, Latin America, Europe and Japan, and most notably working for companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Indra and Roland Berger. He has been directly responsible for P&Ls of $350M+ and thousands of employees in the US, Japan and Brazil.

Ed has broad work experience in several industries such as Government, Financial Services and Public Transport. His prior experience includes driving digital and data transformation, as well as serving as an expert in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities.

He has a strong professional network with other leading C-Level Executives, Mayors and State Government Officials, and was named in Bloomberg Linea’s top 100 influential Latinos list for notable leaders in 2022. Ed speaks several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and German.