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Should remote employees receive meal benefits?

December 14, 2021

3 reasons to offer meal benefits to remote employees

There’s no shortage of surveys that show buying food for employees in your office is a wise investment. But what about the new work environment, with remote employees? It turns out that buying food for your remote employees is just as important as it would be if they were in the office, if not more important.

Here are three reasons you want to think about budgeting meal benefits for remote staff.

1 – Your competitors are already adding meal benefits for 2022

According to Mercer, about 20 percent of employers said they are adding benefits for remote workers in 2022, including increases in the health benefits options. One of those options is to provide home delivery of meals, stipends for well-being services, or other benefits aimed explicitly at remote workers.

2 – Create an engaged workforce

Remember when creating an engaged workforce was a staple of office life? You don’t have to give up on creating engaged workers just because they are not in the office. Meals are a great way to add quality to the lives of your employees. Your employees will feel like you appreciate them, which could reduce your turnover.

3 – Boost productivity in their home offices

Cognitive performance is directly influenced by the foods we eat. You want to make sure employees are eating healthy foods during the workday. You can provide foods that fit preferences and specialized diets with delivery apps. Providing meals also allows your employees to focus on work.

How to help your employees

Are you looking for a meal benefits program for your employees? Edenred Benefits’ Ticket Restaurant is the meal allowance program for all your needs. Your employees will receive a prepaid meal card that can be used at restaurants, grocery stores, and food delivery apps.

Ticket Restaurant is a great way to maintain a relationship with remote workers. The company would have complete control on how and where employees can spend with the cards. Everything can be managed straight from our online platform.

Would a meal benefit program be a good fit for you and your remote employees? If you’d like more information, book a meeting with us so we can help you find the best option for you.

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