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Support and care for your employees with Lifestyle Spending Accounts

January 13, 2022

6 ways Lifestyle Spending Accounts can help your employees in 2022

You may have heard about Lifestyle Spending Accounts but is this trending benefit a good fit for your business?

There are many good reasons to set up a program. Here are six ways Lifestyle Spending Accounts can help your employees in 2022.

1 – Changes employee behaviors

Your employees will have several options to help them adopt healthy habits, like working out at a gym or taking a smoking cessation program. When introduced to these programs, employees do very well, including managing stress and depression better while improving their health.

2 – Better productivity

Employees enrolled in Lifestyle Spending Accounts also are more productive. By living a healthier lifestyle, studies have shown they have more energy and motivation and are more rested.

3 – Attract the best employees

Lifestyle Spending Accounts can help you attract the best employees. Wellness programs often have multiple benefits, including financial wellness, nutrition education, and other diverse topics that are attractive to potential employees.

4 – Increase employee engagement

Lifestyle Spend Accounts are also great tools for companies to increase employee engagement. The number of programs available helps employees realize how much their employers care for their well-being. The increase in employee engagement helps those employees feel valued and stay longer in their jobs.

5 – Reduce stress

It’s no secret we’ve been living in highly stressful times. People have found themselves to be depressed, lonely, anxious, and suffering through other problems. That’s all on top of the usual stresses of work and life. Lifestyle Spending Accounts offer employees the programs they need to reduce their stress burden through exercise, education, and more.

6 – Boost morale

You’re not alone if your business needs help in boosting employees’ morale. Lifestyle Spending Accounts are the perfect benefits to offer your team in helping them feel satisfied with their work. Whether it is delivering support for health and wellness or helping them understand their finances better, Lifestyle Spending Accounts offer opportunities to help boost your employees’ morale.

Benefits to help employees

Edenred’s Lifestyle Spending Accounts offer your business a diverse set of choices for employee programs. You can customize the programs to your specific situation and employee needs. Lifestyle Spending Accounts are easy to manage, and you’ll have complete control over the program and costs.

Would Lifestyle Spending Accounts be a good fit for you and your employees? Book a meeting with us today so we can help you customize a program.

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