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A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Accessibility for Employees with Disabilities

Improve Workplace Accessibility by Offering Inclusive Benefits Ensuring your business is accessible to employees with disabilities is not only a legal obligation but also a moral imperative. By taking steps to accommodate individuals with disabilities, you can create...

The Best Ways to Support the Emotional Health of Employees

Depression at Work Is on the Rise—How Employers Can Help Depression at work can have serious consequences on employees' mental health and well-being. Major depressive disorder, also known as major depression, is a common mental health condition that can deeply affect...

Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged With Employee Benefits

Why Offering Benefits to Remote Employees Is a Good Thing With over a third of the nation working remotely and more than 40% doing remote and hybrid work, it is predicted that by 2025 one out of five Americans will work remotely. The Covid pandemic might have ended,...

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Edenred teamed up with a local food pantry as part of its CSR policy, Idealday

Edenred employees participated in an annual global volunteering initiaitive to alleviate food insecurity and help residents in need Boston, MA (June 22, 2023) Edenred, the world leader in specific-purpose payments, partnered with the Newton Food Pantry, a local...

Edenred teams up with Vous Vitamin to offer a personalized vitamin benefit to clients

Participants now have access to all-natural vitamin supplement products as part of Edenred’s Lifestyle Spending Accounts offering Boston, MA (June, 22, 2023) – Edenred, the world leader in specific-purpose payments, is partnering with Vous Vitamin, a personalized...

Our very own Ed Fleishmann sat down with Capital Advisors to discuss the future of work

We're excited to share that our very own CEO & Managing Director, Ed Fleischmann recently chatted with Capital Analytics on Wednesday, June 14th about how hybrid work is reshaping workplace culture and how riding public transportation will play a key role in...

Ed Fleischmann: Top 100 influential Latinos

Industry-leading services and payments provider Edenred celebrates Mr. Fleischmann’s accomplishments and expansion of the Edenred USA family Boston, MA, (01/06/2023) – Edenred USA is pleased to announce that Ed Fleischmann, CEO and Managing Director of Edenred USA,...

Edenred helps Philly employers – commuter benefits

Industry-leading employer benefits provider Edenred is here to help employers comply with the new law by setting up programs that benefit both employers and employees Boston, MA, (12/13/2022) – Philadelphia is about to become the latest city in the United States to...

Edenred at SHRM22: Largest HR conference

All the diverse offerings of Edenred Benefits’ products will be on display at the Society for Human Resources Management Annual Conference from June 12-15 in New Orleans. SHRM is the leading professional human resources membership association in the country. Based in...

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NYC commuters are slowly returning to mass transit

In December, we checked in on the state of mass transit, particularly in New York City. A lot has gone on since then. While it’s not back to “normal,” there’s evidence out there that people will need NYC commuter benefits sooner than later. Both big and small...

Commuting to work: Driving vs. rideshares

Rideshares offer an alternative to car commuting Has your employer called you back to the office, but you’re not sure how you will get there? If you are thinking about driving to work rather than using public transit, that’s understandable. However, there could be an...

The need for more parking as commuters turn to driving

More cities are seeing an increase in driving As restaurants, businesses, and office spaces begin to operate at a greater capacity, many of the areas surrounding metro areas need more parking. Covid has changed the way people think about public transit and having...

Pittsburgh has the first integrated mobility system

Rider-friendly transportation options in Pittsburgh Do you want to see what the future of micromobility looks like? Look no further than Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the first U.S city to have a fully integrated mobility system all through one app. Pittsburgh introduced...

Micromobility is a safe and easy way to commute

Improved safety in micromobility E-bikes and scooters are great ways to travel. But users can be vulnerable to accidents because of insufficient infrastructure and distracted drivers. Micromobility provider Lime is teaming up with Swarco, an Australian technology...

Commuting is changing as people go back to the office

Get ready for the changing commuting landscape When was the last time you rode the subway? Has your drive only been to the grocery store and back? You’re not alone. As offices continue to reopen, more people are starting to commute again. Subways, ferries, cars,...

Safe commuter return: Edenred & Wheels

Commuters in five major U.S. cities to gain access to Wheels e-bikes through an exclusive discounted program by Edenred Benefits. Boston, MA, (June 16, 2021) – Edenred, the leading corporate mobility provider in the United States, has announced a new partnership with...

San Francisco adds work from home to commuter benefits

Working from home is now on the list of commuter benefits for San Francisco workers Businesses mandated to provide commuter benefits through the Bay Area Transit Program are now allowed to offer the benefit to employees who work from home. Employees can work at least...

Will ferries see more commuters than years past?

More commuters are turning to ferries to commute back to the office Is it the ferry’s time to shine? Buses, subways, and other forms of transportation usually get more publicity than the ferry. But since we’ve entered a new era of work and commuting, the ferry might...

Battery-powered commuter trains on LIRR

The future is coming to us sooner than you think Are trains going green? They could be. Depending on the results of a Metropolitan Transportation Authority study, we might have battery-powered commuter trains soon. The Long Island Rail Road is currently conducting an...
Congestion pricing for commuting

Congestion pricing for commuting

Congestion pricing gains popularity during the pandemic Are you ready to pay $25 to take a truck into downtown New York City? If the city has its way, that might be happening soon. Congestion pricing, long used in major European...

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Google insights on changing commute patterns

Google insights on changing commute patterns

Ridership up as commuting patterns change After seeing ridership numbers fall in the past year, commuters are slowly heading back to work, according to a Google report. Data collected in February 2021 showed the average number of visits to workplaces was at its...

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50M micromobility vehicles by 2025: A study

50M micromobility vehicles by 2025: A study

Report: 50 million micromobility vehicles by 2025 Researchers are bullish on micromobility, predicting that there could be as many as 50 million vehicles worldwide by 2025. That’s a significant increase compared to how many vehicles are available to riders now. There...

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