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What more could you want in a commuter benefits plan?

Edenred’s Commuter Benefits are pre-tax powerhouses. Offering feature-rich and hassle-free solutions, whether you need to comply with a local ordinance or just want to make commuting a little less costly for the team and the environment.

Our commuter plans help maximize tax savings for you and participants while also reducing input from your HR/benefits team. Plus, they’re crafted to be compliant with tax laws and commuter mandates across the nation, and protected with data security that meet the toughest standards, including GDPR.

We develop commuter and transit benefit plans to help overcome the challenges of getting to work each day. Just like we’ve done for more than 30 years.

Companion to More Than 1 Million Employees
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Why Offer Commuter Benefits?

Commuter benefits help employees pay for their daily commute via public transit (bus, train, subway, ferry) or vanpool by using pre-tax earnings — up to $315/month for transit and $315/month for qualified parking. Payroll deduction of pre-tax commuting dollars allows employers to save on payroll taxes too.

Currently, nine U.S. metros mandate transit benefits, but employers in other locations often offer Edenred’s robust commuter benefits to:

  • Differentiate their employer brand for retention and recruiting
  • upport sustainable and green commuting initiatives and missions
  • Promote in-office and hybrid schedules
  • Cut employee out-of-pocket commuting costs through optional employer contributions
  • Set aside commuting funds for employees with pre-tax deductions 
  • Reduce employer payroll taxes
  • Cover additional commuting options through Microbility Benefits

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Discover how Edenred meets your company’s goals and values

On-the-go app

Pre-loaded debit card

Single login for app and web benefits portal

Dedicated customer service for participants thru chat or phone

Integration with all major payroll systems

Migrate from current benefits plan with ZERO downtime

World-class tech and support teams for HR, IT, employer

Micromobility add-on for more commuting options

What’s Covered?

Pre-tax benefits

Public transit, including bus, train, ferry


Parking plus discount thru SpotHero, where available

Micromobility options (post-tax benefits)

Bike sharing

E-scooter, e-bike, and moped rentals

Bicycle equipment and repairs thru partner shops

Corporate shuttles

Edenred’s Guaranteed Ride Home

Pre-tax and other savings for employees and employers

Employees save taxes on up to $600 monthly…

Section 132(f) of the IRS tax code allows employees anywhere in the U.S. to set aside up to $315 per month pre-tax to pay for their public-transit commutes. Another $315 is available for eligible paid parking.

And save even more with exclusive partner discounts

From SpotHero to Lyft and Lime, Edenred’s network of partners help employees save on other expenses, too.

Employers save on payroll taxes

Employers can save an average of $40 per month on payroll taxes for each participating employee. Plus Edenred’s innovative, intuitive, and flexible commuting options can boost employee participation company-wide, which helps savings climb even more.

How One Commuter Plan Works Across Your Organization




Single login accesses all benefits in the on-the-go app or web portal. Check balance, reload commuter cards, upload out-of-pocket receipts anytime, and tap into Edenred-exclusive partner discounts.

HR / Benefits Team

AI-automation eliminates manual expense approvals and ensures compliance. Payroll integrations facilitate pre-tax and employer contributions and facilitates savings on payroll taxes.

Employer Brand

Micromobility add-on and exclusive discounts increase participation and engagement and help retention and recruiting. Pre-tax payroll deductions allow employers to save on payroll taxes.

Green Initiatives

Switching from car to public transit eliminates a yearly average of 4,800 lbs of CO2 per person. Net-zero emissions programs support sustainability initiatives and increase adoption company-wide.


Meets local mandates and ordinances, section 132(f) of the IRS code, global data security requirements (including GDPR), FDIC insured, SOC 2 Type II certified, and PCI compliant.

Make Sustainable Commuting Part of Your Employer Brand with Micromobility

Edenred’s Micromobility add-on lets you offer more commuting choices and additional green-commuting options, which can give your brand a lasting environmental impact.

For commuters who travel just 20 miles daily for work, switching from single-car occupancy to public transit results in a reduction of 4,800 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

Our Micromobility add-on includes

Bike sharing  

Bike shops

E-bike, e-scooter, and e-moped rentals

Edenred Private Rides through Lyft  

Exclusive partner discounts

Corporate shuttles

Micromobility add-on

Offer more choices to the daily commute

With Edenred’s Micromobility add-on, employees access even more commuting benefits post-tax, whether they hop on a scooter for an appointment down the block or use an alternative, sustainable ride to cover the final mile.

So many options!

Rent e-scooters and mopeds

Take a personal bike into a
partner shop for quick repairs

Purchase biking gear or a whole new bike

Commute with the team on a corporate shuttle

Hop on an e-bike to reach an
early morning meeting on time

Catch an Edenred Private Ride
with Lyft

How it works

Employees use their Edenred card and app to access exclusive partner discounts, book private rides with the Edenred-only pricing, and even pay with post-tax commuting subsidies, if selected by employer. And it’s all managed by the employee through the same system and login as their pre-tax Commuter Benefits plan.

Commuting is even more affordable with exclusive Edenred partner discounts

No more questions about how to pay

Micromobility add-ons are accessed thru the same system, same card as Edenred’s Commuter Benefits. Plus employees can add a personal debit or credit card to pay for expenses not covered by their benefits plans.

More green and sustainable commuting options

Seamlessly interfaces with all Edenred Benefit Plans

Covers the final mile with post-tax funds

Plans that differentiate your employer brand

More options, partners, and discounts coming soon!

See Edenred’s Commuter Benefits and Micromobility add-on in action

Commuter benefits that meet local mandates and ordinances

U.S. employers in the following metros are required to offer commuter benefits to their teams.

✓ Philadelphia
✓ Seattle
✓ New Jersey (statewide)
✓ New York City
✓ Washington, DC

✓ Los Angeles
✓ Berkley & Richmond, CA
✓ San Francisco Bay Area
✓ Chicago (January 2024)

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Why do companies choose Edenred Commuter Benefits?

“We needed a commuter plan but wanted something that would also boost employee retention and acquisition — a commuter plan unlike anything else in the market…”

Read the story to see why Edenred was the natural fit.

Commuter benefits are just one thing we do

Edenred is a global, leading services and payments platform providing a wide-range of workplace solutions including Commuter Benefits, LSAs, Anytime Pay, and Claims Reimbursement that work seamlessly together to make employees’ days a little nicer.

  • 10,000+ U.S. employer employers
  • 1 million U.S. employee participants
  • Global presence, operating in 45 countriesADA-compliant employee portal

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FAQs about Edenred’s Commuter Benefits plans

Can Edenred’s Commuter Benefits plan integrate with my payroll company?
Yes, we most likely do! Edenred’s Commuter Benefits integrate with all major HR and payroll software and services.
If I provide an employer subsidy for commuting, will unused funds be returned to the company when an employee leaves?
Yes. When an employee leaves unused employer-provided funds in their Edenred account after leaving the company, those funds are returned to the employer.
How and where does the Edenred Prepaid Card work?

Edenred’s Prepaid Card can be used at any compliant location that sells transit or parking items only. While an employee cannot use their Edenred card to purchase a transit pass at a local convenience store, they can use it to purchase a transit card at a transit vending machine.

Can pre-tax parking and transit benefits be used for non-work commuting?
Pre-tax commuter benefits are governed by IRS regulations and can be used only for commuting to and from work.
Is a commuter benefit worth it if I’m not mandated to provide it to my employees?
Yes, commuter benefits can help employers reach a number of different goals:

  • Save on payroll taxes (employers may save up to $40 a month for each participating employee)
  • Support green and sustainable commuting initiatives
  • Differentiate the employer brand in markets where commuter benefits aren’t mandated
  • Differentiate employer brands with the Micromobility add-on in markets where commuter benefit mandates exist
  • Encourage return-to-office or transitions to hybrid scheduling for employees
What’s the difference between transit benefits and commuter benefits?
Commuter benefits and transit benefits are simply two different ways to refer to the same benefit.
Is Edenred’s Micromobility add-on paid with pre-tax dollars?

No. Only the Commuter Benefits solution uses pre-tax dollars for commuting expenses (up to $315 monthly for public transit and $315 monthly for parking). The Micromobility add-on consists of post-tax benefits.