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What is a Lifestyle Spending Account?

Edenred Benefits Lifestyle Spending Accounts are the most flexible programs we offer. This employee wellness benefit can be used to pay for health, fitness, and more to help your employees’ general health and well-being. Lifestyle Spending Accounts have a positive impact on both employees and employers, helping reduce stress and increase morale and productivity.

Eligible Expenses 

  • Restaurants and Groceries
  • Entertainment and Active Lifestyle
  • Family, Education and Pet Services
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Automotive
  • Physical Wellness
  • Clothing and Household Furnishings

Good for you and your employees

For employees, Lifestyle Spending Accounts make it easier to participate in wellness programs and make choices toward living healthier and happier lives.

For employers, wellness program benefits help reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism, while increasing employee productivity, morale, and loyalty. It’s also another way to attract new and talented employees.

Features that work for you and your team

Spending Controls

You can define how your employees spend this benefit by creating spending controls through geo restrictions, eligible days, and spending limits.

Benefits Card

Edenred Benefits will provide your employees with a multi-benefit card. You, the employer, can decide whether funds should be loaded monthly or quarterly.

Employee Discounts

Edenred Benefits is proud to provide discounts to our participants, and we are always adding new partners into our catalog.

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