Mobility Solutions for Today’s Commuter

Solving today’s commuting challenges with one mobility account for all your commuting needs.

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Commuting needs are changing. To help you adjust, we’ve added new shared mobility options integrated into one commuter account. Best of all, we will identify pre-tax eligible expenses, so your company and employees continue to receive tax incentives and remain compliant with the IRS regulations.

How Does it Work?

Funds can be added to employees’ commuter benefits accounts either by a company subsidy, or direct employee funding from their payroll.

Employees can use that money to payfor the commute of their choice.

We’ll take care of the rest! We will identify and manage all pre-tax eligible expenses.

Commuting Options

Along with traditional pre-tax options like public transit and parking, we are proud to offer new flexible commuting options such as:

  • Bike sharing
  • Bike shops
  • e-scooters
  • e-mopeds
  • Corporate shuttles

Whether the daily commute starts on a train and ends with a shared bike, or if your employees want to avoid crowds, we got them covered!

With more freedom and flexibility than ever before, your employees will feel comfortable commuting to work with our shared mobility options.

Mobility Solutions for Today’s Commuter

The distance between the transit stop and the final destination is known as the first and last mile. Many public transit stations are too far from employees offices or homes, and most people are not comfortable walking more than 1⁄4 mile.

Transit experts believe that micromobility is the solution that can bridge this distance.

Micromobility options allow easier access to transit service giving your employees the flexibility to get to their final destination faster and safer.

Leasing Options

Edenred has proudly partnered with Ridepanda to offer a wide range of e-vehicles including ebikes, escooters and emopeds. Available for lease or lease-to-own, often featuring unique perks and discounts for Edenred’s clients. See the wide selection of e-vehicles available for lease. 

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