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5 Strategies to Keep Employees Moving and Motivated

May 15, 2018

Saving money every day with commuter benefits and time well spent on the commute make it easier to start the day fresh and focused. Still, each day brings its own set of challenges, successes, and setbacks that can cause wear and tear in the motivation department.
How to keep employees motivated is an ongoing conversation but here are some tips that can inspire a new way of doing things. Take a look!

1 – Make Recognition Count.
People like to be recognized for their efforts in completing projects, achieving results, going beyond the call, and finding solutions. But there’s more to it than an email announcement or a mention at a meeting.
By setting up awards programs, memorializing names in engraved plaques or a dedicated book, or sharing recognition to the wider audience through social media are just some of the more innovative ways to do it.
2 – Gamefy Work.
Increasing employee engagement is key to productivity and achieving results. And to do that, it helps to boost motivation.
Gamefying work is one way employers are seeing success in engagement and motivation. Part competition, part fun, and play, gamefication has rules, instructions, rewards and quick recognition for every winner all while getting work done.
3 – Give the Gift of Time.
Always being the follower and never the leader can wear down the motivation. One way to solve that is to provide employees with more ownership, autonomy, and time.
Companies offer employees time by way of bonus personal days, sabbaticals, or time set during the week designed to work on innovative ideas and personal projects for the company.
4 – Keep Employees Informed.
“So how’s work?” It’s a common question employees receive from friends, family, former colleagues on a regular basis. Being able to answer that question with big picture details, insight and anecdotes instills pride and the sense of ownership, and drives motivation.
That’s why internal communications should be a strong focus no matter what size organization. It offers a sense of unity and achievement on big company successes for each employee.
5 – Show the Savings.
We all know that commuting every day with commuter benefits means using tax free dollars which brings valuable savings for employees and companies.
Letting employees know what they are saving, reminds them of the value which is a great motivator for more employees to enroll. Share our commuter benefits savings calculator in your internal communications to get the word out and engage.
Every company wants to attract and retain talents, and offering a benefits package that stand out from the competition is a smart move to get ahead and bring the best people.
If you want to learn more about commuter benefits, download the 101 Guide below:

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