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What is Ticket Restaurant?

Edenred Benefits has launched Ticket Restaurant, the most popular meal perk in more than 35 countries. This benefit offers employees the convenience of a Prepaid Card that is funded monthly with a meal allowance. Promoting health, nutrition, and employee well-being, this virtual cafeteria can be used to pay for meals during working hours at local eateries, restaurants, grocery stores, and through food-delivery apps.

Features that work for you and your team

Easy Online

A secure and customized platform that helps to automatically disperse balances.

Account Manager

Your Ticket Restaurant account comes with a dedicated account manager to make sure all of your needs are met.


You can be assured that your employees are using the card to pay for meals with targeted spending.

Everyone wants productive, healthy, and focused employees. Adding employee benefits such as Ticket Restaurant can help improve the attractiveness of your company.

Ticket Restaurant can contribute to employee retention and enhance productivity by ensuring that your workers have access to health food.

Offer a hassle-free, low cost benefit to your employees through a Ticket Restaurant prepaid card that is funded monthly in the amount of your choice. What’s the outcome? Happier, more productive employees.

What will you get out of Ticket Restaurant?

Greater Workforce Loyalty
Loyal employees are more passionate about their work, accomplish more for their employers, and help your business grow.

Flexible Dining Options
Give your employees the flexibility to choose where and what to eat with a prepaid card that is widely accepted.

Promotes Good Health
Skipping meals affects your employees productivity. Give them the incentive to refuel with a nutritious meal.

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