On-Demand Pay

Promote financial well-being by giving your employees access to their wages early.

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On Demand
Payment Solution

With AnytimePay, employees can instantly add funds from their next paycheck to a prepaid card with the click of a button.

Your employees will have access to their pay in between paydays, when they need it.

The prepaid card can be used to help pay for food at restaurants, grocery stores, and with food delivery apps.

How it works

Employees who sign up for this program can request funds from their next paycheck. They simply log into the paycheck advance app and choose a funding amount (up to their available limit). That’s it. 

Funds will be available in seconds. Payments will always be processed within the same pay cycle, and payments will be deducted from employees’ next paycheck. Edenred Benefits provides a payroll deduction file to employers. They can process those payroll deductions and make automatic ACH transfers to Edenred Benefits.

Why offer AnytimePay to your employees?

With so many households experiencing financial difficulties right now, getting a paycheck advance is more important than ever.

Offering AnytimePay will enhance your benefits package and help to improve your employee’s satisfaction and financial well-being.

Non-traditional benefits help employers stand out by offering unique perks that can positively impact company culture, and help retain top talent.

AnytimePay is so quick and easy! Load funds in seconds, even in line at the grocery store when you just realized you’re out of cash. Avoid using high interest credit cards by using AnytimePay with the money you’ve already earned.

Benefits of AnytimePay

AnytimePay helps employees bridge the financial gap between paychecks giving them access to food and groceries when most needed.

Employees will never pay interest when using AnytimePay.

Employees request funds using our mobile app, and funds will be available in seconds.

Employees can request funds as many times as they need per pay period, up to their funding limit.

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