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What is Claims Reimbursement?

Claims reimbursement allows employers to reimburse any out-of-pocket benefits expenses submitted by their employees. This product is now available through our Commuter Benefits and Lifestyle Spending Accounts programs. We also offer it as a standalone product to compliment your existing benefits system.

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Why consider adding claims reimbursement?

  • It is a time saver for HR workers who manage this process manually.
  • It increases the compliance of the process, as it’s based on a 100% receipt audit.
  • Since it’s an AI-based process, you’ll have the ability to set automated parameter controls to open more types of benefits expenses.
  • It’s convenient for employees. They simply upload receipts and can track the progress through the Edenred mobile app.

How does it work?

We made the claims reimbursement process as simple as possible for your employees. They simply:

  • Select the claim type
  • Fill in the fields with their transaction information
  • Select the preferred reimbursement method (check or direct deposit)
  • Submit the claim
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