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5 Tips For Staying Cool When Commuting On Hot Days

May 09, 2020

So, yeah, it’s getting hot out there, isn’t it? Is the heat putting a damper on your daily commute? Those of you that are out in the heat waiting for the bus or sweating bullets on that underground subway platform, could probably use some relief.
Well, here are 5 easy tips for staying cool when using public transportation on those uncomfortably hot, hazy dog days of hot spring and summer.

Drink water

It’s no secret that water does a body good, but it’s especially important to drink lots of fluids when you’re out and about in high temperatures. Your body needs H2O to function properly.
You can buy an insulated bottle to keep liquids cold for hours and take with you in your commute.

Chill your clothes

Sounds weird, right? But, the clever folks over at BBC America suggest sticking your pants in the freezer overnight. Then throw everything on right before you venture on over to the train or bus stop. Another bonus of freezing your outfit: “this nightly icing kills off any body odor-causing bacteria.”

Apply ice to your pulse points

Applying ice packs or even cold compresses to your pulse points: wrists, neck, elbows etc., can help you cool down…and fast. This one is easy for your morning commute, since you can just grab your ice pack from the freezer when you head out in the morning. But, it could be tricky during your commute home if your office doesn’t have a freezer.

Invest in one of those small battery fans

Every time I see someone walking around with one of these, I always make a mental note to get one the next time I’m at CVS. But, I always seem to forget – that is until I see someone looking all nice and cool with one of these blowing on them, while I’m standing there sweating my face off. It’s a vicious cycle. Anyway, the good people over at Medicine.net suggest keeping one of these on hand, and better yet, get one that “attaches to a water bottle that sprays a cooling mist.”

Dress light

Choose light fabrics in light colors. Natural fibers, like cotton, are much lighter than artificial ones, like polyester, so skip the rayon top and the polyester pants and opt for cotton or linen. Also, go for lighter colors on those unbearably hot days. Dark colors, like black or red, actually “absorb the sun’s heat” and as a result, they will stay warmer than lighter colors, like white or tan.

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