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Companies with great wellness programs

December 28, 2021

Did you know that about three out of every four companies offer wellness programs? Wellness programs are a win-win for everyone. About 70 percent of employees have higher job satisfaction when they participate in a program, and 63 percent of employers who offer the programs have reported increased financial stability and growth.

Even though wellness programs are popular and successful, it’s rare to find two that are identical. They can be customized to meet the needs of each business.

Here are overviews of some of the wellness programs offered by well-known companies.

1 – Accenture

For physical health, Accenture offers its employees EAP programs and Teladoc services so they can always get answers to health questions. Accenture employees also enjoy discounts for gym memberships, online fitness programs, and more.

2 – Google

There are a lot of components to Google’s wellness program. It offers several services on its campus, including healthcare (physicians, chiropractors, massage services, physical therapy, and more). Employees also get to work out in fitness centers, take classes, and share community bikes to ride across campus. It’s not all health, either. Google employees can take advantage of financial wellness programs like financial advisors and financial planning services. Google also offers all types of classes, including cooking and guitar lessons.

3 – Motley Fool

The financial website is big on mental and physical wellness for its employees. Its wellness plan includes low-cost healthcare, liberal sick and vacation time off, health and wellness clubs, free personal training, spin and boot camp sessions, and a reimbursement of 50 percent of the entry fee for any race an employee enters.

4 – Goodwill

Goodwill’s wellness program, GoodLife, is loaded with great benefits for employees. These include employee health challenges, education, health coaching from nurses, support programs, and discounts for health and wellness purchases.

5 – Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy offers its employees a diverse and robust wellness program that covers many topics. They get free health coaching from subject matter experts like nurses and dieticians. Employees can seek out help for weight loss, stress, and more.

Employees that want to quit smoking can access an online cessation program. Women who are pregnant can take advantage of programs on pregnancies and babies. When employees need answers to health questions, they can call a 24/7 nurse line.

If you’d like to build a customized wellness plan for your business, Edenred’s Lifestyle Spending Accounts has several programs to choose from.

Your business will have control of all costs, and we can help you set it up for whatever type of work arrangement you are experiencing now, including hybrid or remote setups.

You can select from:

  • Stress Reduction and Resilience programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Exercise programs and activities
  • Nutrition education
  • Pet Care
  • Mobility
  • Food and Dining
  • Continuing Education and Tuition
  • Financial Wellness
  • And more

If you’d like a customized wellness plan for your office, let’s chat. Schedule a meeting today, and we’ll be happy to review all your options with you.

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