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Benefit outlook: What employees today really want

July 27, 2023

The future of benefits is bright and full of personalization and options because employees today expect more than just the old standard health and dental insurance.

To attract and retain the best talent, you must have a robust portfolio of benefits that meets people where they are and supports them mentally, physically, and financially.

So, what are these recruitment tools/benefits? Let’s take a look.

On-demand pay

Many employees have expressed a desire for greater control over their paychecks, including accessing their wages before payday. In response, employers are beginning to offer new solutions like AnytimePay.

This innovative new program allows employees to instantly add funds from their next paycheck to a prepaid card with just a few clicks. By offering this service, employers are helping their employees better manage their finances and stay on top of their expenses. It’s just one more way that companies are working to support their workers and promote financial wellness in the workplace.

Meal plans

Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant is an exceptional meal benefits program for employees. With a monthly meal allowance on a prepaid card, this program can significantly alleviate the financial burden of lunch expenses.

Additionally, it actively promotes healthier meal choices among employees, which can reduce healthcare costs in the long term.

Commuter benefits

Commuter benefits will continue to be a hot topic as employees look for more cost-effective ways to get to and from work. These benefits allow employees to use pre-tax dollars towards commuting costs like public transit, rideshares, and qualified parking expenses. Not only does this have a positive financial impact on employees, but it can also help you recruit from a larger geographical area.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Lifestyle Spending Accounts are an excellent choice for companies looking to provide their employees with wellness plans.

With the various offerings tailored to their desires, employees can use Lifestyle Spending Accounts for health, general fitness, or well-being. These accounts are incredibly flexible and can be used for various goods and services, including athletic and camping equipment, entertainment, pet care, food and dining, continued education, and more.

Not only do they help reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism, but they can also increase employee productivity, morale, and loyalty.


The future of transportation has two wheels – and it might even be electric.

Micromobility trends are sweeping the nation as more and more people look for alternative ways to commute. These evolving transportation needs are being met with shared mobility optionsintegrated into one commuter account.

Best of all, we will identify eligible pre-tax expenses, so your company and employees continue to receive tax incentives and remain compliant with IRS regulations.

Edenred can help

Whether you’re crafting a benefits plan from scratch or looking to supplement existing programs, Edenred is here to help.

Schedule a meeting today to ensure you’re offering the most competitive benefits packages available and that they make sense for your team today and into the future.

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