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Benefits communication: Mistakes & solutions

September 06, 2022

Each year HR professionals use a bulk of their time (and budget) to build comprehensive benefit packages for their employees. The goal being to show appreciation to current employees and attract new talent.

Unfortunately, benefit packages aren’t always utilized in the way HR teams had intended. Failing to communicate the how and what of your benefit programs are just some of the mistakes HR professionals make and can cause them to fall flat. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on how to avoid common mistakes when communicating benefits to help make the process of doing so easier.

Mistake #1: Not talking about benefits enough

Let’s face it, most employees only hear about their benefits during the first few days of being hired. During the orientation and training stage, it’s common practice to discuss benefits and walk employees through the process of signing up for them. But what happens when those benefits are no longer fresh in their minds?

The Solution: Every HR conversation is a chance to promote your benefits package.

Take every opportunity to plug the special perks employees have access to. For example, if your company offers internet stipends for remote workers be sure to mention that perk during ZOOM meetings regularly. E-newsletters are also a great way to spread the word companywide. Finding ways to make the information readily available will keep your company’s benefits package at the forefront of your employees’ minds.

Mistake #2: Overcrowding employees with choices

While providing your employees with a vast number of benefits and perks is a great problem to have, it can leave employees feeling overwhelmed. When faced with too many choices a person can experience choice overload, a psychological phenomenon that can paralyze someone so much that they ultimately choose nothing at all.

The solution: Choose to bundle similar benefit options to improve your package

Bundling options is a great way to ease the decision process for employees. For example, you can group solutions for mental health, medication stipends, and gym memberships under “health benefits” since they all fall within the same family. Organizing these benefits under a common group will help contextualize them for employees.

Mistake #3: Making your benefits package impossible to locate

Making your benefits package is one thing, but what happens to it afterwards? Do employees know where they can locate it? If your benefits information is not organized in a central location, employees will waste valuable time combing through company resources to locate it. Also, they’ll often be less likely to utilize their benefits to their full potential if they are difficult to locate.

The solution: Put important information in a centralized location

Putting your benefits package in an internal hub where employees can easily access will make a huge difference in your office space. We also recommended providing clear contact information for HR staff, vendors, and insurance companies, that way if employees have questions they can ask.

Mistake #4: Failing to empower managers

Although HR professionals interact with employees often, managers are the ones who communicate directly with them daily. When problems arise or when employees need resources, they communicate their concerns and needs to their manager in hopes of gaining a solution. One of the best ways managers can solve employee issues is through your company benefits.

The solution: Train managers to problem solve with benefits

Is an employee in need of coaching? Are they grieving the loss of a loved one and needing extended time away? As leaders, those in managerial positions should be able to point their employees in the right direction when it comes to their options. Having a thorough understanding of company benefits also comes in handy during performance and bonus reviews. If managers feel comfortable speaking on all the pieces of the “total compensation pie”, employees are bound to feel better supported in the workplace.

How Edenred can help

Communicating benefits can be a tough concept to master, but with a little practice and effort it can be done effectively. We would love to help your HR department implement a benefits communication strategy and offer benefits that we know your employees would love. Schedule a meeting with us today so we can begin discussing options for your company.

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