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Connecting with yourself through commuting

July 20, 2022

It’s true, morning commutes to work can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. There are ways to make it a form of self-care and disconnect from the world around you. Whether it’s listening to your favorite podcast or turning on an educational video, there are plenty of ways to connect with yourself while you’re commuting to work.

Edenred knows how important a morning commute is in setting the tone for the workday. That’s why we offer flexible commuter benefits to accommodate every lifestyle.

What are commuter benefits?

Commuter benefits allow employees to keep more of what they earn in their paycheck by giving them the opportunity to use tax-free dollars on commuting costs.

Whether an employee commutes by car, bus, subway, train, ferry, or vanpool, we offer a wide variety of payment options to ensure they can enjoy the savings and convenience of commuter benefits.

The benefits of a morning commute

Helping your employees arrive to work as their best selves starts with supporting their self-care during their morning commute. Here are a couple benefits associated with positive commuting experiences:

Leaves room for increased productivity

A recent study conducted by automotive insurance website Compare.com showed that 91 percent of people reported that a morning commute was important. Of those 91 percent, 53 percent agreed that it was important because they start their day off productively. During their commute they can get tasks done, sort through their thoughts, decompress, make phone calls, and catch up on audiobooks.

Allows employees to arrive as their best selves

On the surface, commuting consists of getting on and off ramps, but it’s much more than that. Researchers have found that the morning commute initiates a sequence in which the feelings and attitudes of home life are deactivated and replaced by thoughts of work. This theory is known as Boundary Theory, and it is how many avoid “role spillover”. For example, if a situation you faced in your home life shows up in the office you likely wouldn’t react the way you would in the comfort of your home. That’s because your morning commute helped you switch from your role as a family member to a dedicated employee on the job.

How to maximize your commute

Finding ways to maximize your morning commute to best prepare you for your day is important. Here are a few recommendations to help you maximize your commute time:

  • Listen to a podcast

Need a few recommendations? Give The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, and Crime Junkie a try.

  • Listen to an audiobook

There are so many audiobooks out there. Which ones should you choose? Delia Owens’ Where The Crawdads Sing, Will Wright’s Dreadgod, or James Clear’s Atomic Habits are a must.

  • Mentally plan your day

The morning commute is the best time to mentally plan your day. Here’s what you should do: Make a to-do list, meditate, or set a goal for the day.

  • Catch up with a loved one

Has it been a while since you’ve spoken to someone who is close to you? During your morning commute, call a family member, check up on a friend, or send an inspirational good morning text.

  • Read a magazine

Need a good read? TIME, US Weekly, or Food Network are good choices to consider.

  • Write in a Journal

Take your writing skills to the next level. A few things you should consider are writing about your week, jotting down a note of encouragement, or thinking of a writing prompt and sticking to it.

Be sure to base how you spend your morning commute on your preferred form of selfcare, so that you can arrive at work as your best self.

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about Edenred’s commuting benefits. We’ll be happy to review all your options with you.

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