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Employees are returning to the office, all thanks to technology

August 10, 2021

Return to Work experience apps

Do you want to make your company’s transition back to the office as seamless as possible? You might want to try a workplace experience app. Workplace experience apps help to simplify the work experience and keep employees in different locations on the same page. You can think of them as centralized hubs with all the critical information someone needs to do their work, especially in the age of the hybrid office.

Here’s a look at some of the features of workplace experience apps.

1 – Select a work desk

Get ready for “hot-desking!” The setup of desks in offices are expected to change now that people are returning to the office. Desks will be socially distanced. With only a certain percentage of the workforce in the office at any given time, desks will also not be permanent. The new trend is for companies to have desks that people can drop in and use.

A workplace experience app will help employees reserve desks when they are in the office. The apps can also track the number of employees coming to the office on a given day, make sure all COVID-19 regulations are met based on the number of people inside the office, and block off desks for social distancing if needed.

2 – Set up an FAQ

Some businesses will experience significant changes when employees head back in the coming weeks and months. With government guidance and regulations and new internal policies, an FAQ will come in handy.

Some workplace experience apps make it easy to embed your company’s FAQ right into the app, where it might be easier to reference rather than via email or on your company website. There’s no doubt your employees will have questions, and an FAQ can be a credible source they can reference in seconds. 

3 – Get feedback

With all the changes, companies will want to get feedback from employees on how things are going and if they’ve encountered any issues. A workplace experience app allows businesses to get employee feedback so they can optimize the data to improve employee experiences further. Surveys can also be used to measure satisfaction, engagement, and more.

If your company is heading back to the office, another way to make the transition easier is with commuter benefits. Employees can save up to $270 every month tax-free to use for public transit, rideshares, and qualified parking, while employers save on payroll taxes.

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