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Employers are adding supportive benefits to their benefit packages

June 15, 2021

3 supportive benefits that are gaining popularity

Benefits are constantly changing. As the world opens again, different types of benefits will become more popular to meet the needs of employees. Supportive benefits are gaining popularity with employees and human resources alike. Those benefits can help with mental health, financial wellness, and other issues that could ultimately hurt employees or lower their productivity.

Here is a look at three supportive benefits that are a hit to employees, according to a survey conducted by healthcare.com.

1 – Online therapy

Online mental health therapy is becoming more popular with employees and employers alike. With many working from home, it was easy to connect with a therapist. While it may not eliminate the traditional EAP program, online, face-to-face sessions have earned a place in company mental wellness programs. The model also makes it easy for businesses to ensure their employees are getting the help they need.

2 – Financial coaching

Even the best sports teams need coaches and so do the rest of us. While we might not be training for the Olympics, we should have our finances under control. That’s where financial coaches come in. Some businesses hire coaches to work with employees knowing that financial problems cause significant stress for workers.

A financial coach can help you see where your money is going, why you have debt, and spot the places where you spend the most money at. Coaches will also help you set reachable goals and make plans for the future.

3 – Wellness programs

Employees are ready for change, and wellness programs could be the answer. Wellness programs can encompass many activities, but ultimately they are trying to help employees improve their health. For example, there can be programs ranging from weight loss to vaccinations.

If you are looking for supportive benefits for your team, look no further than Edenred Benefits and their Lifestyle Spending Account solution. The Lifestyle Spending Account makes it easy for your employees to participate in wellness programs. You can easily dedicate funds and manage costs toward many of the common wellness benefits.

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