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How to help employees eat more nutritious meals

February 15, 2022

Lockdowns, stress, and anxiety all played a role in people gaining extra weight and suffering mental health issues like depression during the pandemic. But the tables are turning. While junk food may never go away, people are starting to eat healthier. In fact, one food industry organization found that 85 percent of people changed their eating habits because of COVID-19.

If you’ve been thinking about making a change, here’s some information that should help you make better choices in 2022 and beyond.

Functional foods rise in popularity

Are you familiar with functional foods? If not, they are rising in popularity as people change their eating habits. Foods that contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and probiotics are all examples of functional foods. Fruits, vegetables, and grains are also considered functional foods.

Lior Lewensztain, the founder and CEO of That’s It Nutrition (Los Angeles), told Nutritional Outlook: “We’re really starting to see people pay attention, and respond to functional, whole foods.”

The proof is in the market’s growth. According to Nutritional Outlook, the Nutrition Business Journal reports that functional food and beverage sales were up about $77 billion in 2020 and grew to more than $82 billion in 2021.

Eating better at the office

Are you looking to eat better after the pandemic? Whether you need to do it while working in the office or remote, it’s not as hard as you think.

According to insurer Aetna, there are several ways to start eating better, including building a routine to ensure you eat nutritious meals and educating yourself on the foods you are eating. It’s important to stay hydrated and be mindful of the nutritional value of everything you eat.

Two ways to help your employees

Edenred has two programs to help employees eat nutritious food. The first is the Lifestyle Spending Accounts. Lifestyle Spending Accounts are a great way to boost employee morale while reducing stress. Employees can access several services, including nutritional counseling and other wellness-related programs.

The second program directly deals with food for your employees. Ticket Restaurant is a meal allowance program that allows your employees to select food from restaurants, delivery apps and grocery stores.

If you’d like to see your employees have a more nutritious menu, we can help. Schedule a meeting today, and we’ll be happy to review all your options with you.

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