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How you can help keep employees healthy

March 22, 2023

Helping employees to live a healthy lifestyle at home and in the office can increase their productivity and loyalty because their health goes hand in hand with their workplace performance. Many employers implement employee wellness programs and benefits to promote employee health and well-being.

Research shows that employees in good health are more likely to perform well in the workplace. Healthy employees experience a better quality of life and are at a lower risk of disease, illness, and injury.

You can support healthy lifestyles for your employees, increase productivity at work, and positively impact their home lives in several ways.

Give them space

Make an investment in adequate space for your employees. Elements such as access to natural light, proper office chairs, and desks go a long way toward keeping your employees motivated and healthy.

Encourage physical activity during work hours

There are plenty of ways to encourage physical activity at work. According to the American Council on Exercise, a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) boosts your cognitive abilities; and exercise triggers BDNF.

Of course, promoting activities will look different depending on your office space. Consider creating an employer-led walking club at lunchtime or allowing employees to customize their schedule to fit in physical activity.

Incentive and reward employees

Incentives and rewards programs are a great way to encourage healthy lifestyles in the office and at home. The rewards don’t have to be huge but should be meaningful and depend on meeting goals.

Encourage healthy food options

Meal plans are a great benefit to ensure employees have access to healthy food. For instance, Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant helps employees access healthy food from either restaurants or stores through a daily food stipend. This allowance can cover breakfast, lunch, or dinner and can also be used through food delivery apps.

Provide mental health resources

Supporting mental health is especially important in today’s world. The World Health Organization reported that there has been a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide during the past few years.

Providing mental health support may look like sponsoring virtual therapy platforms such as Better Help or Talkspace, improving health benefits, or allowing employees to see a company-sourced counselor free of charge.

Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle Spending Accounts make it easier to participate in wellness programs and make choices toward living healthier and happier lives. This benefit can be used to pay for health, fitness, and more.

How Edenred can help

We would love to help you implement these tips and promote a healthy lifestyle for your employees in and out of the office. Schedule a meeting with us today to begin discussing options for your office.

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