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Human Error Meets AI Accuracy

November 02, 2023

7 swings, 7 misses.

That’s the story one of our team members tells when the subject of human error comes up.

“About 15 years ago, a company I worked for asked a single employee to create business cards for the entire team,” she says. “On the first set he created for me, everything was wrong – first name, last name, email address, office phone number.”

It took 7 tries — and 7,000 printed business cards — for him to finally get everything right.

Human error is real. It’s also completely understandable. We’re all so busy processing external stimuli and random facts while juggling a desktop full of tech tools and dealing with constant distractions that it’s easy to miss something or just make a mistake.

What human error isn’t, however, is acceptable when there are better alternatives.

We know that human input error can be a big issue with out-of-pocket claims reimbursements, so Edenred developed a system that uses AI to stay 100% error free.

For something like commuter benefits, error-free is a must because tax-free dollars are on the table for both the employee and employer. When everything is read, coded, sorted, and processed correctly 100% of the time, a commuter benefits plan willsave tax dollars for both the employee and the employer — and it’s not just a couple of bucks per month — and ensure compliance with any regulations that govern the benefit.

One hundred percent accuracy in claims reimbursement also means savings increase. The savings come in the form of tax dollars and manpower.

  • HR/benefits aren’t spending time reading, reviewing, and processing everything
  • Multiple purchases on a single receipt don’t need to be deciphered manually
  • HR also isn’t answering questions about “when will I be reimbursed”
  • Employees are more satisfied with a system that moves fast and gives them the information they need whenever they want it

AI is great for monotonous tasks. It works quickly, without distractions, and continues to learn as regulations, allowable expenses, and categories evolve.

And it removes the potential for error.

AI-automated claims reimbursement are part of Edenred’s Commuter Benefits plans and Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA). It drives our stand-alone claims reimbursement solution for employers that administer their own Commuter or other benefits solution.

Get in touch to see it in action. We’d love to meet with you so you can learn more!

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