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April 01, 2021

Changes coming in how we work and commute
A wave of significant changes in the way we work is here as companies begin having workers go back to the office.
The first change is how we work. Many businesses appear to be opting for a hybrid work arrangement. It will look similar to remote work so many have done in the last year. With a hybrid setup, people will be expected to come into the office a few days a week. Then, they’ll work from home or another remote setting the remaining days. A Mercer study revealed that 83 percent of companies are thinking about this setup.
In fact, this shift has already been underway. A Gallup poll from September revealed only 33 percent of people were working from home 100 percent of the time. As each month passed, many companies have brought people back to the office. And, in some cases, they decided to go to a remote work setup permanently or asked if employees wanted to do it.
The second change in work is how we commute. Commuting has changed dramatically. Mass transit ridership is down. People are opting for cars or other ways to get to work as they go back to the office. Companies need to help their employees manage commutes with commuter benefits and offer plenty of transportation options.
Commuter benefits can be applied to mass transit, parking, rideshares, and micromobility. Employees decide what amount they want to set aside in their paychecks tax-free to pay for their commutes. They’ll be able to adjust the money they set aside to adjust to their new hybrid work schedule.
Edenred Benefits has a full range of commuter offerings that can help benefit your company. Since employees are saving money tax-free, the amount of payroll tax goes down.
If you are interested in offering commuter benefits in your business, visit www.commuterbenefits.com for more information.

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