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Is food delivery a popular restaurant in 2022?

January 19, 2022

Do you remember when pizza and Chinese food were just about the only food delivery you could get? There’s no denying that’s all changed, with delivery services vying for business in cities across the country and world. The United States market has doubled since COVID-19 began and is estimated to be worth $25 billion or more. In fact, food delivery is now estimated to be a $150 billion business worldwide, according to McKinsey & Company.

The convenience of having freshly cooked food delivered to your doorstep is not lost on businesses. Companies of all sizes followed the trend and made it easier for their employees to get food delivery as part of their meal benefits.

In the past, companies would often open cafeterias, restaurants, and cafes to feed employees in-house. However, with the ongoing pandemic, many companies don’t know when they’ll be back in the office, let alone what will happen with their food service teams. With employees working remotely, food delivery has filled the need to provide employees with a popular benefit and made it easy to do so. Depending on location, some delivery services can deliver a meal within 30 minutes. The quality of the meals is usually the same as takeout, and there’s always a variety of cuisines available on a delivery service platform.

Food delivery is also mentioned as one of the benefits businesses can offer to help improve employee retention. With companies facing record turnover, they need to find ways to keep employees engaged. A survey conducted by food delivery service Door Dash found 21 percent of respondents said they rank food delivery as the #1 benefit they desire over other benefits like health insurance, more vacation time, and more.

A great way to give your employees meal benefits to your employee benefits list is by adding Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant. It is a meal allowance program where employees receive and use a prepaid card to pay for food through food delivery services, restaurants, and grocery stores. Your business has complete control over what people can spend and where they can spend it.

If you want to set up meal benefits for your employees in 2022, we can help. Schedule a meeting today, and we’ll be happy to review all your options with you.

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