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Go green with micromobility options

July 27, 2022

Today, commuters are working to do their part in making our planet a clean and safe place to live and work. Green commuting options are becoming increasingly popular.

Have you ever wondered how you can help? The answer is quite simple. One of the most effective ways your company can contribute to a better environment is by helping employees reduce their carbon footprint through micromobility. Let’s learn more about what micromobility is and how Edenred can help.

What is micromobility?

Micromobility is a new method of travel that has rapidly grown in cities nationwide, proving to be a popular transportation option for many users. Many metro areas are exploring micromobility as an alternative mode for active transportation and short trips.

Since micromobility is still an emerging mobility option, the definition of what constitutes “micromobility” has not been solidified. Currently, the Federal Highway Administration broadly defines micromobility as any small, low-speed, human- or electric-powered transportation device, including bicycles, scooters, electric-assist bicycles, electric scooters (e-scooters), and other small, lightweight, wheeled conveyances.

Top 3 greenest micromobility options

As people become more and more conscious about our planet, micromobility will likely become the preferred option to travel. That’s because, unlike cars, trains, or buses, you are not burning fossil fuel. Micromobility relies on clean energy that creates zero pollution when in use. If you are interested in traveling via micromobility, here are three options starting with the greenest choice:

  1. Renting a bike is an inexpensive way to ease mobility around town. This micromobility option is the greenest by far since it doesn’t require gas or emit harmful emissions. As an added bonus, it’s a fun way to get active and spend some extra time outdoors.
  2. Electric mopeds are powered by a rechargeable battery, which means they have no emissions and will not require visits to a gas station to fill up the tank. Also, most mopeds utilize energy-saving technology which allows users to enjoy longer rides.
  3. E-scooters contribute to about half the amount of emissions to that of the average car, making it a good commuting option if you’re trying to go green. According to a study out of North Carolina University, while e-scooters may not be the most sustainable option, they are better than cars.

How Edenred supports micromobility

At Edenred we understand that your commuter needs are changing. We offer a variety of shared mobility options integrated into one commuter account. On top of that, we’ll assist you with identifying pre-tax eligible expenses, so your company and employees continue to receive tax incentives and remain compliant with IRS regulations.

In addition to traditional pre-tax options like public transit and parking, we also offer other flexible options to fit the unique needs of your employees including:

  • Bike sharing
  • Bike shops
  • e-scooters
  • e-mopeds
  • Corporate shuttles

Are you looking to make our planet clean and safe, while offering your employees micromobilty options? Schedule a meeting today and we’ll be happy to review all your options with you.

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