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Nourishing employees and local businesses: Ticket Restaurant’s role in healthy lunch options

October 25, 2023

As companies charge toward their calculated efficiency goals, employee well-being can often get overlooked, leaving lunchtime feeling like a mad rush. Employees are juggling tight schedules and demanding workloads, leaving little time for a leisurely lunch. This has given rise to the need for quick and convenient lunch options, but are we compromising on health and community support in the process?

Not necessarily.

It’s time to explore how supporting employees and the community can go hand in hand with healthy, local lunch options with Ticket Restaurant.

Why is Lunchtime So Crucial?

Lunchtime is more than just a break from work; it’s a vital part of the day. According to recent survey conducted by TorkUSA, nearly 90% of North American employees claim that taking lunch breaks helps them feel refreshed and ready to get back to work, and 81% of employees who take a daily lunch break report feeling more valued by their employer, while having a strong desire to be an active member in their company. However, the choices people make during lunchtime can have a significant impact on their health and well-being.

Unhealthy eating habits, such as grabbing fast food or indulging in sugary snacks, can lead to energy crashes, reduced productivity, and long-term health issues. Moreover, lunchtime can also be a valuable opportunity for community building within the workplace. Sharing a meal with colleagues fosters social connections, enhances team cohesion, and promotes a sense of belonging. It’s not just about eating; it’s about coming together as a community!

The Healthy Dilemma

Without adequate time and options, many employees opt for unhealthy lunchtime choices. The allure of fast food and processed snacks can be hard to resist when time is of the essence. However, these options often lack the essential nutrients needed to sustain energy levels throughout the day. A better approach is to prioritize healthy lunch options that provide the necessary nutrients without compromising on efficiency. This is where “healthy” and “local” come into play.

Healthy Lunch Options

Healthy lunch options prioritize nutrition without sacrificing taste or convenience. These choices should include a balance of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats – options rarely available from a vending machine or drive-thru window.

Supporting the Local Community

Choosing local lunch options doesn’t just benefit your health; it also supports the community.

  • Boost Local Economies: When you patronize local restaurants and markets, you contribute to the local economy. Your spending helps keep local businesses afloat and supports jobs within your community.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact: Local sourcing typically means shorter transportation distances for food, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with your meal. This contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly community.
  • Foster Connections: Supporting local businesses builds a sense of community. You become part of a network of customers and vendors who share a vested interest in the well-being of your area.

Ticket Restaurant and Employee Benefits

Ticket Restaurant is the most popular meal perk in more than 35 countries. This benefit offers employees the convenience of a Prepaid Card that is funded monthly with a meal allowance. Promoting health, nutrition, and employee well-being, this benefit can be used to pay for meals during working hours at local eateries, restaurants, grocery stores, and through food-delivery apps. Integrating healthy and local lunch options into these programs can further support employees and the community.

Here’s how companies can make the most out of their Ticket Restaurant program:

  • Partner with Local Restaurants: Collaborate with local eateries that offer healthy menu options. Encourage employees to use their Ticket Restaurant Prepaid Card at these establishments, thereby supporting both local businesses and the health of your workforce.
  • Educate Employees: Provide information and resources to employees about making healthier food choices during lunchtime. Offer tips, recipes, and recommendations for local restaurants that align with these goals.
  • Incentivize Healthier Choices: Consider offering incentives or rewards for employees who consistently choose healthier and local lunch options through the ticket restaurant program. This can motivate employees to make better choices.

The Restaurant’s Role in Efficiency

While providing employees regular downtime throughout the workday, efficiency remains a critical factor in the lunchtime equation. On average, employees have reported that it usually takes them about 20 minutes to find somewhere to eat, sometimes more. Ticket Restaurant offers and highlights the best options, as well as delivery options so lunch breaks can be spent better – socializing, unwinding, and, of course, eating.

How Can Edenred Help?

Incorporating healthy, local lunch options into the workplace benefits both employees and the community. It enhances employee well-being, productivity, and team cohesion, while also supporting local businesses and reducing the environmental impact of food sourcing. Ticket Restaurant can further amplify these advantages, encouraging employees to maintain energy, enthusiasm, and creativity while actively working. So, the next time you’re faced with the lunchtime rush, remember that supporting both your health and community is just a few healthy, local bites away.

Questions on how to get started? Don’t hesitate to book a meeting with us so we can support you in creating easy, healthy perks for employees.

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