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Pet care made easy: How Lifestyle Spending Accounts help you and your furry friends enjoy Summer

June 28, 2023

Summer is a time for fun in the sun but it’s also a critical time to care for our furry friends – the weather is hot, the bugs are out, and you know what? You want to go on vacation, and you can’t take your pet. They need a sitter!

Did you know that Edenred can help you and your employees pay for various items related to pets? It ensures your pets are happy, healthy, and well looked after this summer.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): flexible benefits as diverse as your team

Pet-sitting and boarding services

Whether you’re planning a summer vacation or a weekend getaway, finding someone to take care of your pets while you’re away is crucial. You can use your Lifestyle Spending Accounts to pay for pet sitting or boarding services, ensuring your furry friends are in good hands.

Grooming and hygiene

Summer heat can be tough on our pets, making it essential to keep them well-groomed and clean. You can use your Lifestyle Spending Accounts to cover grooming services, like haircuts, baths, and nail trims.

Veterinary care and preventive treatments

Regular check-ups and preventive care are vital to keeping your pet healthy, especially during the summer when they may be exposed to new environments and potential hazards. You can use your Lifestyle Spending Accounts to cover routine veterinary visits, vaccinations, and preventive treatments like flea and tick control.

Training classes and socialization

Summer is an excellent time for outdoor activities and enrolling your pet in a training class can help them become well-behaved and well-socialized.  You can use your Lifestyle Spending Accounts to pay for obedience, agility, or other specialized training courses.

Pet-friendly outings and adventures

Make the most of your summer by including your pets in your outdoor activities. Use your Lifestyle Spending Accounts to cover the costs of pet-friendly excursions, such as dog parks, hiking trails, or even pet-friendly beaches by investing in durable pet gear, like leashes, harnesses, and travel carriers.

Setting up Lifestyle Spending Accounts is easy

Lifestyle Spending Accounts can cover more than just pet care! It’s truly the most flexible of all our benefits. In addition to helping your employees care for their furry friends, you can offer help with groceries, education, family services, micromobility, carpooled rides, physical wellness, clothing, household furnishings, and more.

You can custom tailor the program to meet your needs – and set a spending limit that compliments your budget! You can choose to give your employees a prepaid card or go with claim reimbursement. And it’s all easily controlled and processed through our online platform or mobile app.

The great thing about Lifestyle Spending Accounts is how quickly we can get you started. Employees are automatically enrolled and can choose to opt out if that isn’t a benefit they value. The spending limits are pre-set by you, and if you choose our card, approved spending categories are already in place.

One of the things we are most proud of with our Lifestyle Spending Accounts is our ever-growing catalogue of partners like Lime, CitiBike, Wheels, SPIN, Lyft, RidePanda, Revel, Busup, Link, SpotHero, Vous Vitamin, and more. Through our partners we can offer you and your employees preferential discounts that benefit you every day!

Lifestyle Spending Accounts: The ultimate guide for employers and employees

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Our goal at Edenred Benefits is to be your everyday companion at work.

If you’ve been looking for a surefire way to attract and retain top talent, significantly lower turnover, and build a culture of positivity at your workplace, we can help. We make providing benefits easy. Schedule a meeting today to learn more.

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