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Popular wellness programs for employees

July 20, 2021

Improve your employees’ health and well-being

There’s no doubt that employee wellness programs are popular. According to SHRM, about 75 percent of companies offer wellness programs and IFEBP reporting that roughly 90 percent of employers offer at least one type of wellness benefit.

Here are a few of the most popular wellness programs companies offer.

1 – Physical Wellness

Employees love to get fit with wellness programs. Three of the most popular programs all fall under the physical wellness category. They are smoking cessation, physical activities like gym memberships, and weight management.

2 – Pet Care

Employees with pets love companies that recognize the importance of taking care of an animal. Companies can offer pet care wellness programs. Those typically include pet insurance, daycare for dogs, dog walker reimbursement, and more.

3 – Financial Wellness

Financial wellness programs are in demand, especially now that the country is moving forward from the pandemic. Financial wellness can cover any number of topics. Some examples include online education, financial counseling and coaching, workshops, and access to financial planners. 

4 – Tuition reimbursement and continuing education opportunities

Going back to school is a key part of advancing your career in many industries. Companies recognize that and offer tuition reimbursement and continuing education opportunities to workers. Some companies also help pay off student loans, which has become a significant selling point when recruiting new talent.

5 – Nutritional counseling

Weight management also applies to nutritional counseling. Companies can offer various services, including personal coaching, personalized diet plans, dieting tools online or via apps, and health assessments.

Other popular wellness programs include purchasing athletic equipment, reimbursement for entertainment expenses, mobility options, and food and dining.

All these popular options are available through Edenred’s Lifestyle Spending Account. We offer employers great flexibility and management oversight with your account.

That includes helping you set spending controls and other restrictions to ensure the program money is being used correctly. We will also help you get full reimbursement on costs where applicable. We work with a large number of partners to help you keep costs down while offering your company many different options.

If you’re looking for a wellness plan that will be customized to fit your needs, schedule a meeting with us. We’ll be happy to review all your options with you.

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