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Restore workplace culture with food

June 30, 2022

The pandemic disrupted a lot of our customs, including our workplace culture. Instead of building relationships at the office, employees figured out how to do their best with digital tools. As remote working became the order of the day, virtual meetings, long-distance collaborations, and video social events became the new norm.

But now things are changing again. With some workers returning to the office, restoring workplace culture is essential to helping employees feel good about returning to work. One universally welcomed way to restore workplace culture is by offering meal benefits. Providing meal benefits to employees comes with many benefits as it is an easy way to boost engagement and morale.

Meal benefits are a great way to let your employees know you’re thinking of their needs and want them to eat healthy. Meal benefits also allow them to select what they want to eat together in the office or go to (or order from) a restaurant they love.

Employees save time and money when they have access to meal benefits. They also avoid having to cook food for themselves. That can pay off if they are working late hours. Your employees will also eat healthy because they won’t grab food that’s not good for them, nor will they skip meals.

No matter how they eat, since food is known as a unifier, it can bring people together quickly. Providing meal benefits goes a long way in solving employees’ lack of social interaction when working remotely.

Meal benefits are also a great way to improve workplace culture. More social interaction in the office means a better chance to create engaged employees and effective communication.

Here are other reasons why meal benefits can help you create a great workplace culture as employees return.

1 – Motivation

Food has been known to cause an increase in motivation levels. It can be seen to be a form of reward. The increase in motivation occurs because they tend to feel more appreciated and valued, thus increasing their productivity and performance. When employees are motivated, they deliver better results, and their output levels increase compared to when they are less motivated.

2 – Loyalty and commitment

When employees are taken care of and their loyalty and commitment to the workplace increases, they are more willing to improve the company’s image, go the extra mile, and bring innovative and creative ideas to the table. Loyalty and commitment are workplace cultures that, when in place, help achieve set goals and objectives efficiently.

3 – Strengthens teamwork

Teamwork is a workplace culture that cannot be compromised and taken with levity. It is one of the driving forces of an organization. Provision of food and meal benefits serves as a form of team-building activity. When employees eat together courtesy of the organization, it strengthens their effectiveness as a team. They are more efficient and perform better.

4 – Reduces absenteeism

Absenteeism refers to an employee’s absence beyond the stipulated and permitted period. Due to the pandemic restrictions, most employees had to work remotely. It is currently affecting workplaces as employees seem to avoid resuming physically. Subsequently, this affects the efficiency of a workplace. However, providing food and meal benefits will help curb absenteeism as it caters to the employee’s well-being.

Do meal benefits help in restoring workplace culture?

Yes, they do. Food and meal benefits are excellent tools to restore dwindling workplace culture. It helps builds a stronger team core. When properly utilized, the link between employees’ productivity and food goes a long way in the restoration process.

Statistics have shown that employers who provide food and meal tickets have a very healthy workforce, which reflects in the company’s performance.

Ticket Restaurant by Edenred is the answer if you are looking for a meal benefits program for your business. Ticket Restaurant holds several benefits for both employers and employees. Employees have the freedom to buy meals when they want, and the company has control over where the purchases are made. The program can be completely customized. Also, Ticket Restaurant gives employees the ability to purchase food from restaurants, grocery stores, and food delivery services.

Instead of catered meals, meal benefits are a better option in today’s work world. A catered plan may not work well in a hybrid environment. Ticket Restaurant gives employees choices that will best suit their lifestyle and food preferences.

Would you like to add meal benefits for your employees as they return to the office? Ticket Restaurant is a great plan that lets you control the program but gives your employees options. Schedule a meeting today, and we’ll be happy to give you more information.

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