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Spring is in the air: What does that mean for your commute?

April 24, 2023

Spring is in the air. The flowers are starting to bloom, the air is crisp with the smell of rain, and the dreaded orange cones are back.

Around most of the country, the warmer months are known as “construction season.” So now that the weather is turning and the roads are getting some much-needed love, what do you need to know to prepare for your commute?

Bring plenty of patience

Whether you’re braving your commute alone, with friends in a rideshare, or with hundreds of commuters, delays are plentiful during construction season. Give yourself a cushion of time by leaving twenty minutes earlier and bring a book (if someone else is driving).

Multi-task with mass transit

This Spring, why don’t you take a load off and let someone else do the driving? It will give you time to start that book, plan the season’s upcoming graduation party or barbeque, or unwind with a meditation app.

Have a back-up plan

When you’re running late, or need to leave unexpectedly, consider using alternative transit options.

Connect with nature

Consider getting some extra exercise and vitamin D this Spring by riding your bike to and from work. Starting your day peddling in the sun will encourage creativity, boost productivity, and give you the energy to get through the day.

Don’t have a bike? Look into bike sharing, which is becoming more popular in cities nationwide.


Do you have a hilly commute, or are you just not interested in powering your way to work each day? Consider options like e-scooters and e-bikes.

  • E-scooters – Currently, e-scooters are the most popular form of micromobility devices worldwide. These stand-up devices can travel anywhere from 18-28 mph and can be used on sidewalks or bicycle lanes. Most e-scooters are acquired using a sharing app that allows users to rent the scooter by the minute. The most significant advantage to e-scooters is that a user can usually find one close by to pick up, and it can be left at the user’s end destination for the next rider to find.
  • E-bikes – E-bikes are electric bicycles that look like any other traditional bicycle, and the operation is like riding a regular bike. Its assistance in pedaling makes e-bikes unique and popular amongst commuters. They are particularly useful in hilly terrains or during long commutes. Some e-bikes can also operate on the electric mode to power the bike without pedaling. Like the e-scooter, the maximum speed of the e-bike is around 18–28 mph. There are two basic models for distribution; the first is the dockless bike model, which allows the rider to leave the bike anywhere when they are finished riding. The other is the docking system that requires riders to return the bike at a designated dock station.

Use your benefits wisely

Commuter benefits allow employees to set aside money in their paychecks tax-free every month to pay for commuting costs. You can set aside up to $300 a month tax-free.

These funds can then be spent on mass transit, qualified paid parking, or rideshares. The money is paid directly to a transit or parking vendor or set up on a voucher or debit card.

How Edenred can help

We can’t avoid commuting but with options like mass transit and ridesharing, you can help your employees make the best of it. Schedule a meeting with us today to ensure you’re offering the best commuter benefits program.

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