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The benefits of e-bikes for cities

January 27, 2021

Micromobility vehicles are trending, and one of the most popular ones is the electric bike.
There’s a lot of reasons for this, including the many benefits for riders, including having lower costs than motorcycles. Helmets are cheaper with e-bikes, and you don’t need insurance or a license. Plus, it’s easier to learn how to ride an e-bike.
But e-bikes have benefits for cities, too. Here are some benefits of why e-bikes are good for cities.
E-bikes reduce congestion
E-bikes help eliminate suffocating congestion on our roadways and do not clog up sidewalks when parked. They take up virtually no space and help get people out of cars and bikes, at least for short distances.
E-bikes reduce air and noise pollution
E-bikes are climate-friendly. They help reduce air pollution. Each e-bike on the road means fewer people are driving cars for shorter trips like errands to the store or some commutes for work. Since air pollution can impact health, e-bikes are helping to keep people healthier.
E-bikes also help with noise pollution.
Since e-bikes barely make any sounds, they are not disrupting life for people nearby. Since noise can be a significant problem in urban cities, e-bikes help keep noise levels to a minimum. Noise pollution also can cause health problems like hypertension, so e-bikes are a healthier option than noisy vehicles.
As offices continue to reopen this year and some commuters remain apprehensive about commuting in enclosed spaces, e-bikes could be a great choice.
Employers that offer commuter benefits can enable their employees to use new micromobility options. Edenred Benefits provides a one-stop-shop solution for all commuter’s needs.
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