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The physical and health costs of commuting

October 28, 2021

Long commutes come with health costs

If you’re like many workers, you probably haven’t had a commute since March 2020. Though many companies have not reopened yet, many have. With that comes a potential health risk for commuting, which you may have forgotten about.

Medical personnel say commutes can cause all types of ailments, including stress, cardiovascular issues, depression, and more. If you are getting ready to start commuting again, here’s a look at what you should be aware of in relation to your health.

What can happen when you commute a long way

Though some people enjoy having the ability to wind down on a long commute after work, that doesn’t mean it’s good for their health. More time on the train or bus means less time to exercise. By not moving around, you can put your body at risk for several health problems.

One study showed that people who have a 30-mile round trip commute tend to be obese and have “an unhealthy waist measurement.” That means people are at risk for diabetes, strokes, and heart disease. Shorter commutes also showed that high blood pressure was also a risk for people who traveled those routes daily.

What you can do about it

If you have to commute a long distance, all is not lost. It’s important to eat a healthy diet. You also want to make an effort to get some moderate-intensity exercise at least a couple of times per week.

In terms of the commute itself, don’t be afraid to try rideshare, vanpool, or carpool. All have been shown to reduce stress. Rideshares are also available for commuter benefits. Commuter benefits allow employees to save $270 per month tax-free to pay for various modes of transportation like rideshares and public transportation. They can also be used for qualified parking.

If your employee’s health is a priority, adding commuter benefits to your benefits package can be a plus. If you’d like more information, book a meeting with us so we can help find the best option for you.

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