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Three ways Edenred has made accessing your benefits easy

July 21, 2023

You may love the list of benefits your company offers, but are they easy to use? Probably not.

Reviewing your company’s benefits package can be both exciting and overwhelming. You see that you can save money on commuting, that you can board your pet when you travel, that you could join a gym, or even rent an e-bike or scooter to commute to work when it’s sunny. But how do you access this money? Do you need to keep a giant envelope of receipts? Where are you allowed to spend the money — is there a list of companies or is it just anywhere?

At Edenred, we understand your struggle. Which is why we’ve made it our business to make accessing and using your benefits both easy and efficient.

Here are the top three ways Edenred makes using your benefits the easiest thing to do:

Accessibility: A prepaid card & easy to use mobile app

The first question most people have about their benefits is, “How do I even access the money to spend it?” When we work to support you and your employer, the first thing we do is send you a prepaid card. It functions just like a regular debit card, and it can be swiped for any allowable expense.

Your card is linked to our mobile app and online portal. So, if you want to know your Benefits Balance or see a detailed breakdown of your spending, just log in. It’s just like using a banking app, but easier and more attractive.

Behind the scenes, we work with your employer to figure out where your card can be swiped. For example: grocery stores, local restaurants, gyms, food delivery apps, or for local public transportation. That way, you won’t have to worry about swiping it at the wrong place.

Personalization: Spend your benefits on what matters to you most

At Edenred, we help employers offer their employees an amazing range of benefits from commuter benefits, at-work meals, continuing education, joining a gym, pet care, to getting money from your check when you need it with AnytimePay.

If you want to know how much money you have left to take the train to work, all you need to do is check the mobile app.

If you want to know how much is available to spend on lunch today – Just check your mobile app!

If you want to use your Lifestyle Spending Accounts for a Pilates class –  check your balance in the mobile app. It’s all there “at a glance.”

Seeing what you have available means you can spend your Benefit Funds on what matters to you most! Not all of us want to go to the gym, and not all of us have pets. Edenred enables you to personalize your spending, hassle-free.

Strategic partnership: Making your benefits go farther with discounts

We want to make sure your benefits stretch as far as possible, which is why we’ve formed multiple strategic relationships with services like Lyft, SpotHero, Ridepanda, and more that offer you substantial discounts.

Let’s start making those benefits easy-to-use!

We know that even with the best of intentions, providing benefits can be a logistical nightmare. Which is why we work so hard to make it easy for you and your employees. Schedule a meeting with us today so you can learn more about our offerings.

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