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Use your benefits to make your new city home

April 20, 2023

Starting a new job is one of life’s biggest and most exciting moments. And if you’re relocating to a new city for that job, the adventure becomes that much bigger.

Figuring out a new city can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Here are some tips to put your benefits to work for you while you get your bearings in your new town.

Negotiate relocation benefits

First, when moving for a specific employer, it’s always a good idea to check with the benefits coordinator regarding relocation services. Many large employers have relationships with relocation companies that offer significant financial benefits, such as covering moving expenses and closing costs and even providing a buyout option if your home does not sell before your move date.

Download local mobile apps

Do some research to figure out what mobile apps are popular and valuable in your new city. From on-demand grocery delivery services and restaurant ordering apps to bike-sharing programs and public transit info apps, chances are good that there’s a mobile app for every service in your city.

Don’t forget about your health

Establish a relationship with a primary care physician in your new city before you get sick. After settling in, search for someone who accepts your insurance and your specific needs. The same goes for other medical requirements like a dentist, eye doctor, psychologist, and more.

Joining NextDoor or a local Facebook group can be a great way to connect with neighbors and get their recommendations. Ask around to see if anyone can refer you to someone with whom they’ve had a good experience. Plus, it’s a simple question that can help break the ice and lead to more conversations.

Get to know the transportation options

Before moving, investigate your new city’s transportation options, such as subway systems, bus transit lines, bike-sharing programs, and ridesharing services. Check with your employer to see if they offer commuter benefits to offset the cost of commuting to and from work.

Navigating an unfamiliar city – whether big or small – will always be tricky. Sometimes it takes trial and error to determine the fastest routes and various subway lines. Figuring out how to use public transportation will allow you to explore your new city confidently. Studying a map of the city and its different neighborhoods also can’t hurt.

Join a gym or take a fitness class

Kill two birds with one stone by joining a gym or seeking out a wellness class that interests you. You’ll be caring for your health needs and putting yourself out there to meet people in your new town.

Lifestyle Spending Accounts help employees offset gym membership, fitness classes, and equipment costs.

Edenred can help you add employee benefits like Lifestyle Spending Accounts and Commuter Benefits. Schedule a meeting with us today to learn more about these programs.

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