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Using benefits to attract a diverse workforce

July 24, 2023

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace has so many benefits that it’s hard to understate the positive effects it can have on your business.

During times like we’re in now, when it’s considered a “laborers market,” it matters how you position yourself to recruit and retain talent. The top candidates out there today are more attracted to companies that exhibit an inclusive workplace culture. And companies that have greater diversity stand a better chance of attracting high-quality candidates.

Consider these statistics:

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace

Creating and fostering diversity and inclusivity is an ongoing process and not a one-time thing. But there are ways you can get started today. Here are a few helpful suggestions from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM):

  1. Educate your management team – You’re going to need top-down buy-in. Get your management team on board by educating them on diversity and inclusion and how it will benefit their department and team.
  2. Listen to your team – Use surveys or focus groups to understand your employees’ experiences.
  3. Measure progress and tweak the plan accordingly – It’s essential to continually monitor your D&I initiatives to ensure they’re working inside your current team and in your recruitment efforts. 

Using benefits to build a diverse team

How do employee benefits affect your diversity and inclusion efforts? To attract a diverse pool of top-level candidates, you need to offer programs people are interested in.

  1. Commuter Benefits – Commuter benefits can help you recruit from a larger geographical area by offering a way to offset employee transportation costs. A commuter plan also allows employees to keep more money in their paychecks as a pre-tax benefit.
  2. Lifestyle Spending Accounts – One of the most flexible benefits offered today, LSAs allow employees to save money on doing more of what they love and what keeps them healthy. This benefit is an excellent tool for recruiting across many different lifestyles.
  3. AnytimePay – By using on-demand pay, you are giving your employees control over their money. Employees can instantly add funds from their next paycheck to a prepaid card with the click of a button. AnytimePay is a handy recruitment tool, especially when recruiting hourly wage workers who may struggle making ends meet between pay periods.
  4. Meal Plans – Offering meal benefits, like Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant, is a great way to attract a diverse talent pool. You’ll also increase productivity with healthy and focused employees by providing access to healthy, nutritious food.

How Edenred can help

If you’re looking for creative ways to expand your diversity and inclusion efforts, Edenred is here to help. Book a meeting with us today to get started.

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