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What are the most earth-friendly transportation methods?

December 02, 2021

Go green when commuting back to the office

Are you concerned about the environment? Have you thought about commuting with earth-friendly transportation vehicles? There are many to choose from and Edenred makes it easy to ride these options to work.

Public transportation

It should come as no surprise that subways, buses, ferries and other public transportation vehicles top the list, according to Love to Know’s Green Living. It’s hard to beat public transportation’s ability to move many people around relatively quickly.

Public transportation is also widely known as one of the best ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The more people who ride public transit means a reduction in the number of single-occupant cars on the road during commuting hours.

Public transportation is believed to save 37 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. That’s the equivalent of electricity generated from every household in New York City, Washington, D.C., Denver, Los Angeles, and Atlanta combined. 

Rail travel

According to the International Energy Agency, rail travel, whether between cities or in the same city as a subway, is the champion when it comes to the environment. Rail releases the least amount of greenhouse gases. While rail is a highly efficient way to travel, it’s not available everywhere. If you have the option to take a rail option, you will be doing your part to save the environment.


Coming in a close second for public transportation vehicles is the bus. However, low usage means buses are not as efficient as they could be. They use slightly more fuel than trains.


Biking is not public transportation, but it combines the best of all worlds with efficiency and being environmentally friendly. Bikes release zero emissions yet can travel fast if needed. It’s faster to bike than walking, and you’ll have fewer carbon emissions than any vehicle.

E-bikes & e-scooters

Never forget the power of micromobility vehicles, like electric scooters and bicycles. There’s no car congestion with these vehicles and zero carbon emissions. Micromobility vehicles are also advantageous. You can use them to commute to work, make short or long trips in a city, reach public transport stops, be used as a recreational vehicle, and more. The versatility is one of the many reasons why transportation experts believe micromobility are the vehicles of the future

Commuter benefits are available for public transportation and parking. Employees can now spend up to $280 a month tax-free starting in January 2022. We also have an extensive selection of micromobility plans.

Would commuter benefits or micromobility be a good fit for you and your employees? If you’d like more information, book a meeting with us so we can help you find the best option for you.

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