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What commuting options are people turning to in 2022?

January 06, 2022

Commuting back to the office? Consider these commuting options

The working world has experienced some changes throughout the last few year. Some people now count out their commute by the number of steps it takes to get from their bed to their desk. Some workers are commuting back to the office. Others don’t even have a date yet. And then there’s a whole segment of the working population that’s left their job for any number of reasons.

There are several different commuting options available based on where you live for those who are getting ready to go back to work or are in the office now.

Public transit is ready for riders again

For some people, traditional commuting via public transit is still the way to go. Public transit operators need the business as people have shunned buses, subways, and other modes of transportation since the beginning of the pandemic.

For example, the transit system in Pittsburgh metro area experienced an 80-plus percent drop in ridership since the beginning of the pandemic. Its bus ridership is down 50 percent and light rail down 73 percent.

Other transit systems across the country are also experiencing huge drops in ridership.

Micromobility gains popularity

Micromobility transportation bounced back in 2021 and is looking to increase its gains this year. While riders stayed away from public transit, e-bike sales grew by 240 percent from August 2020 to July 2021.

Micromobility riders saw cities begin to think about how they build infrastructure that will make for smoother and safer rides. People are also actively thinking of ways to reduce emissions, which makes micromobility a perfect option for people in urban areas to get around.

Benefits for your commute 

Whether it is riding public transit, driving to work, or using a micromobility vehicle, Edenred has great solutions for companies to offer to their employees.

Commuter benefits allow employees to spend up to $280 per month tax-free to be used towards commuting costs. Commuter benefits can be used for public transit, qualified parking, and rideshares. Companies can also save in payroll taxes.

We have also partnered with several micromobility companies to offer exclusive discounts to our customers. We can set your employees up with bike-sharing programs, e-scooters, e-mopeds, and more.

Would micromobility be a good fit for you and your employees? Book a meeting with us so we can discuss your options.

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