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What foods do your employees prefer in the office?

November 04, 2021

Food in the office is a great way to get your employees back in the office

Do you like chowing down on pizza during meetings? Does your team order Chinese food when you work late? Or do you prefer healthy foods that match your lifestyle? With so many choices and preferences, it’s hard to nail down what is the favorite office food in the United States. But the answers are as diverse as an Uber Eats menu.

Here is a look at what people love to eat in the office.

1 – Healthy snacks are a favorite

Even though junk food can be appealing, people love it when healthy food is available in their offices.

A ZeroCater survey showed that 65 percent of employees felt that having access to healthy snacks in the office was very or extremely important. Another 53 percent said the snacks helped them live a healthy lifestyle. Survey respondents also said meal quality and having a selection of diverse cuisines were important. 

2 – Stock the shelves with fruits, veggies, and yogurt

If you are ordering for your employees, fruit is a safe bet to be popular. It usually can stay for at least a few days without getting rotten, and there’s often little to no preparation to eat it.

Like fruit, vegetables are also sure to be a big hit with your staff of healthy eaters. They hold many of the same benefits as fruit and go well with salad dressings and dips.

If your staff eats healthy, there’s a good chance at least a few of them like yogurt. Instead of buying yogurt with lots of sugar, focus on ones that are high in vitamins and minerals.

3 – But don’t forget the junk food

In 2020, popular foods that were delivered to businesses, corporations, and residential homes by Grubhub included spicy chicken sandwiches, chicken burrito bowls, chicken wings, waffle fries, and cold-brew coffee.

Food keeps employees happy

It’s no secret that free food helps keep employees engaged and happy. You can provide your employees with food benefits through Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant program. It’s a prepaid meal card that gives employees a monthly allowance to be used on foods, snacks, and beverages. You have full control over how much and where the money is spent. 

Employees can order food from food-delivery apps, local restaurants, and grocery stores. You can consider it a virtual cafeteria during your work hours.

If you’d like to offer food benefits to your employees, schedule a meeting with us to see what we can do for you.

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