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What’s best for commuters: Docked or dockless?

February 24, 2021

What’s the best micromobility model for commuters?
Micromobility has spread out to cities from coast to coast and around the globe. But depending on your city and what people use it for, the micromobility model could be different.
Each city has its own choice of selecting docked, dockless or hybrid models. Here is a look at all three and which one tends to work our best for commuters.
Docked systems
With docked systems, users will pick up and return a vehicle to a designated area. Often the vehicles are located by a smartphone app, which allows the user to “unlock” it for use. And if you are a micromobility commuter, you may be using an e-bike or e-scooter to get you to and from your mass transit commuting station.
You’re going to find docked systems in places like New York City. They are easier for people to manage and reliable for users. In New York, for example, a user can find up to 28 stations in one square mile.
With so many options, it’s easier for users to develop the routine of using micromobilty vehicles like they do mass transit. More people use docked systems during morning and afternoon rush hour, and on weekdays, according to data from the National Association of City Transportation Officials.
Dockless systems
While still popular, dockless systems are not as widely used by commuters. They tend to be used for areas that do not have the population density of urban cities. Users will either pick up or return the vehicle within a designated area. Like dockless, they can still locate and unlock the vehicle via a smartphone app.
Recreational users tend to use dockless systems vehicles more than commuters.
Hybrid systems
Micromobility systems do not have to be docked or dockless. They can be a combination of both. Portland has created a hybrid system called Biketown, for example. It’s a bikeshare system where users can find bikes at either a docked station or one spread throughout the city by locating it on a smartphone.
As offices continue to reopen, micromobility is expected to grow as a commuting option for people. If you’re looking for an alternative way to get to work besides mass transit or the car, micromobility could be for you.
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