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When Clipper Direct Ends, Go Directly to Edenred

October 18, 2023

The End of the Clipper Direct Program

Did you know the Clipper Direct Program is set to end on December 31, 2023? As a popular commuter program utilized within the San Francisco Bay Area, Clipper Direct is (soon to be was) a transit benefits program offered exclusively by Clipper.

Clipper was designed to make commuting to work in the Bay Area easy. They offer a reloadable card that allows employees to pay their fares on several transit agencies, helping them get to their place of business no matter where they are starting from.

Make the Switch Before It’s Too Late

Pre-tax dollars contributed to transit benefit accounts are not subject to employer matching FICA and Medicare, which means payroll taxes decrease. Don’t lose money in the lull! Many employers are currently looking for alternatives to the Clipper Direct Program as they need to fill the hole this one is leaving when it terminates. To find a new transit benefits program before the December deadline arrives it is best to commence shopping around now. Installing a new transit benefits program is not something that can be accomplished overnight because it does take time to set up new accounts and enroll employees.

Transit Benefits Alternatives

Edenred has a stellar commuter benefits program uniquely designed to suit the needs of the communities and people who rely on them to get to work. All plans are formulated to meet or even exceed the local regulations and section 132(f) of the IRS tax code.

What Employers Can Do to Find Transit Benefits Alternatives

Simple, modern, green solutions are available through Edenred’s unique commuter benefits program. Designed with additional features that simplify compliance and have options that boost employee engagement by reducing manual input and approvals, any company can encourage more environmentally friendly options for their employees’ commute.

Edenred’s commuter benefits program leaves no stone unturned, taking into account things not typically covered like biking and scooter expenses, along with all of the typical forms of transportation. When you migrate, data and financial information transfers, technical support, and all employee communications are included.

App Accessibility

With a super handy mobile app that can be downloaded onto their phone, employees can access their accounts along with all their allotted commuter benefits. Additional expenses that pop up, like an out-of-pocket payment, can immediately be handled by AI-automated approvals that are set up by the employer. This not only adds increased employer control, but also saves everyone time (which usually equates to also saving money).

Multiple Payment Options

Looking for alternatives? Edenred has a plethora of options when it comes to commuter benefits. From prepaid cards that are fully integrated into your commuter benefits account to vouchers redeemable for transit, smart cards, mobile payment options, and transit passes, our team of experts can find the perfect payment solution.

Include Micromobility Options

Don’t think of public transportation as the only means of commuting in the San Francisco Bay Area. The rise of micromobility options seems to be exponential these days. Companies can distinguish their commuter benefits program from others by including things like e-bikes, e-scooters, bike sharing, e-mopeds, and corporate shuttles, giving employees more flexibility and freedom within that final mile and encouraging green alternatives.

Through Edenred’s network of partners, like Ridepanda, Revel, Spin, and others, companies can glean discounts when they offer a micromobility add-on to their transit benefits program. Find out more about our micromobility options here.

What Employees Can Do to Find Transit Benefits Alternatives

Saving up to 40% on commuter costs is always a good thing, so make a point to talk to your current employer to find out if your transit benefits are being moved to a new provider. Ask your employer if there are deadlines to get a new program started before the Clipper Direct Program ends. Take this opportunity to see what your current pre-tax withholdings are before signing up to a new transit benefits program.

Edenred makes commuting easy and it leaves more time for other important tasks. Book a meeting with us today to find the ideal commuter benefits program for every journey and every situation today.

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